5 Stunning Women Winter Outfits Ideas

Winter is here and beside the problem we all have during these times - making your car to start at -20 degrees so you can get to the office in time - the bigger problem is what to wear. Specially girls like to say, oh I don't have anything to wear (no matter that the closet might explode soon because of all the clothes you wore one time). And since we all probably lack of ideas what to put on (please note that we are not able to think about outfits at 6 AM) and you turned the whole Pinterest upside down, here are top 5 ideas for the upcoming week for all the girls in need of advice!

1. Back to basics

Stripes, scarf and Nikes, how can you possibly go wrong with this combination?

You can't go wrong with basic winter outfit and Nikes! 

2. Business is the new casual

High heels (high hopes?), skirt and faux fur coat. Nothing else missing here.

High heels, faux fur coat and a skirt outfit.

3. Vintage Classics

If you really (but we mean, really) don't have anything to wear and you're going to Mom's place for a Sunday lunch, steal her vintage coat and put it over your favourite jeans and Sweater. 

Favourite pair of jeans, sweater and a vintage coat is a winning combination.

4. Leather Weather

Leather is always welcome. 

Leather outfit is always welcome during the winter.

5. Beanies are life

Don't forget to cover your head with your favourite one like @miamiamine did!

Beanies are so cute!

So, you have ideas for your outfit, but what's still missing? A proper accessories right, so you will stand out! Make sure to browse through our website, we're sure you'll find something for you!